After-sales service

1)Warranty for WTMD is 2 years.
    Service principle: Warranty starts from the delivery date. Under normal conditions (excluding natural disasters and human-caused damage), within the warranty, Pinyi takes responsibility for maintenance and replace general components and Pinyi affords the costs. Components damaged beyond the warranty, Pinyi provides the components while charges only at cost price, transportation costs will be borne by customers. But if equipment damage is caused by customers, Pinyi will charge customers the maintenance and components fee at cost price.

     2) Product quality commitment: Detection of product performance, our IQC \ QC \ IPQC \ QA \ OQA inspect the product in whole process and all performance ,it was all confirmed to be qualified before shipments. Ensure the equipments packaging compliance with moisture proof, rust proof, corrosion proof and vibration proof requirements, marks are right and clear and make sure the goods arrived to the scene safely and in time. And Pinyi provides Technical Maintenance Manual and installation instructions as well.

     3) Long life maintenance service, to ensure that the benefits of customers.

    4)During the warranty, Pinyi’s technical staffs will return at least 3 times to customers about the situation of using our products.