Service and Support

After-sales service commitment

In order to create brand, improve the visibility and establish a corporate image, our company solemn promise to you, holding the principle of "the pursuit of quality for all, customer satisfaction for the purpose" spirit, at "the most preferential price, the most attentive service, the most reliable quality".

Part I Product quality commitment:

1, Provides quality records and inspection data of manufacture & test.

2, Detection of product performance, our IQC \ QC \ IPQC \ QA \ OQA inspect the product in whole process and all performance ,it was all confirmed to be qualified before shipments.

3, Ensure the equipments packaging compliance with moisture proof, rust proof, corrosion proof and vibration proof requirements, marks are right and clear and make sure the goods arrived to the scene safely and in time.

Part II  Product price commitment:

1.To ensure the product reliability and advancement, the material choosing of system comes from high-quality famous brand of domestic or international.

2.Under the same competitive conditions, Pinyi provides most favorable price to customers on the basis of not reducing product quality or products performance.

Part III   Delivery commitment:

1, Delivery: as requested by customers, if special requirements such as need to complete ahead of time, PY may organize extra production and strive to meet customer needs of delivery date.

2, When delivery, PY provides the following documents to customers:

Technical maintenance manual

②Provide wearing components list, such as: the motherboard, power driver, remote controller, capture cards, LED light source, transformers ,etc. .

Part IV After-sales service commitment:

1, Service aim: rapidly, decisively, accurately, thoughtfully and thoroughly.

2, Service target: service quality wins customers’ satisfaction.

3, Service efficiency: Within warranty, any quality problem of products happens, after receiving the customer complaints with fault description, images or video files, customer service will provide the solutions to customers within one working day.

4, Service principle: Warranty or WTMD is 2 years and it starts from the delivery date. Under normal conditions (excluding natural disasters and human-caused damage), within the warranty, Pinyi takes responsibility for maintenance and replace general components and Pinyi affords the costs. Components damaged beyond the warranty, PY provides the components while charges only at cost price, transportation costs will be borne by customers. But if equipment damage is caused by customers, PY will charge customers the maintenance and components fee at cost price.

5, Long life maintenance service, to ensure that the benefits of customers.

6, During the warranty, Pinyi’s technical staffs will return at least 3 times to customers about the situation of using our products.

Part V PY will not be responsible for those machines free of change which are under these situations showed below.

 1, The whole machine, components beyond the warranty.

2, To install, repair, alter or disassemble, and make the machine malfunction or damage by people without Pinyi’s authorization.(except the situations customer could prove that the products, components are still within warranty ).

3, Due to unexpected factors or man-made damage causes, including operational errors, scratches, transport damage, moving damage, bump damage, improper input voltage, hot plugging machines, foreign mater entering(water or other items) etc.

4, Due to force majeure of natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires which causes malfunction or loss.