Temperature Scanner DisinfectionPY-660B Walk through temperature scanner

PY-660B Walk through temperature scanner

PY Security's PY-660B is an competitive participant with superior pinpoint technology and features.This detector has proven its effectiveness with many cases such as the World Cup 2018 Russia, Malaysia some entertainment entrance 2018.The Foundation for the Development of Guatemala FUNDESA event 2017,etc.

The PY-660B has also been trusted to safeguard airport,hotels,government buildings, and correctional facilities. With its advanced detection ability to pinpoint targets in 6 detection zones, the PY-660B is the walk-through of choice for security proessionals worldwide.

Product Description

Main features

Multi-brands compatibility

Can be added to existing security checkpoints without having to replace other existing units.

Includes multiple channels and 100 selectable operating frequencies.

Optimum performance

Scientifically engineered to meet the needs of airports, courthouses, prisons, schools, facilities,

special events, mass transit,and other applications which need security inspection.

Detection performance

The device is walk-through metal detector that accurately identifies ferrous and nonferrous weapons utilizing superior target detection.

DSP processing

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based, the device offers greater sensitivity, noise immunity, metal discrimination, detection uniformity, and overall product reliability.
The device pinpoint targets the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe.

Strong anti interference performance

With advanced analogue and digital filtering, the device eliminates potential electrical interference from the environment to ensure detection accuracy. This enables x-ray systems and the device to be placed in close proximity(30CM) to each other.


Double access protection.All settings are secured with a key lock and two levels of
access codes. Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock that prevents
unauthorized access to physical cables, connectors and electronics.

Coil design

An improved coil design ensures the smallest metals are detected regardless of shape or orientation.

Pacing lights

The device also features pacing lights with symbols “Wait” or “Proceed” for timed precision.

Health care

Harmless for cardiac pacemaker wearer, pregnant women ,magnetic media ,etc.


Technical parameters

Sensitivity: From 0-55 celsuis

Accuracy: 0.3 celsuis

Weatherproofing: Meets IP43 standards. For moisture, foreign matter protection.

Overhead control unit: All electronics—LCD, alarm light,LED bar graph, control touch pads—integrated to eliminate wire exposure.

Self diagnostic program: Complete and automatic when power on.

Detection position: Whole body

Battery pack (optional): 6~10 hour backup available.

Warranty: 2 years, Limited parts/labor.

Channel dimensions: Width :700 mm. Height: 2000 mm. Depth: 550 mm.

External dimensions: Width :820 mm. Height: 2203 mm. Depth: 550 mm.

Shipping dimensions

Door frame carton: 2270*680*180 mm.

Main frame carton: 750*245*435 mm.

Shipping weight: Net weight:62KG   Gross weight:67KG.

Temperatures operating: -20º C~ +50º C. Humidity to 95% non-condensing.

Temperatures storage: -40º C~ +70º C. Humidity to 95% non-condensing.

External power supply: AC110~240V±20%, 50/60Hz.

Power consumption: 30W±10%.

Certificates: Meets electrical safety and compatibility requirements for CE (EMC Directive~ 2014/30/EU and LVD Directive~2014/35/EU Low Voltage), FCC (Directive~Part15B:2012),ROHS (Directive~2011/65/EU).

Control outputs: Solid state switches (low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices.

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1. Experienced: Exporting to 80 countries around the world, including 150 clients which from UK, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Korea, Japan, Georgia, etc

2. Skilled: With core technology and independent research and development capabilities in order to create cost-effective quality security products

3. Professional: We are able to provide a comprehensive security product solution for the customer (One-Stop Service), including international training, overseas installation service, ODM & OEM is available

4. Reliable: Our responsible team never evade any quality complaint, but would always try our best to solve problems with our customers.

5. Cost-effective: We seek for reasonable profits only and are willing to develop together with customers.


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Q1: Are you manufacturer ?


PY security produce metal detector, x ray scanner, security bollards since 2002 and our factory located at Shenzhen, China.


Q2.: How do you control your quality ?


We passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, inspecting each work flow and test semi-finished and finished products to ensure quality.


Q3: How is your package ?  Is it safe for transportation ?


For light-duty products like gold detector we use good sealed and strong carton box to protect it. For heavy-duty products like X ray machine, we will use wooden box to pack.


Q4: What’s your product range ?


We mainly produce metal detector, x ray scanner, security bollards, road blocker, under vehicle search mirror.


Q5: What is your MOQ ?


Our MOQ is one piece for each product, we do this to support our customer to test our quality.


Q6: Where did you sell your products ?


We sold to over 40 countries around the world, including USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Romania, Spain, Nige