X ray baggage scannerPY-5030A X ray baggage scanner

PY-5030A X ray baggage scanner

Explosives, Weapons and Contraband

Our best-selling scanner model PY-5030A, lighter and shorter,it packs all the speed,power and detection capability into a sub-compact design. Sized for scanning mail,hand carried bags, personal items, clothing and shoes.The PY-5030A meets the throughput demands of high-traffic settings. An intuitive and simple operator interface makes this unit suitable for both security professionals and non-technical personnel.

Mail scanning
Executive offices
Private security
VIP diplomatic security
Public places security
High-risk event security

Product Description

5030 6040 6550 small middle big size X ray baggage scanner machine for airport, government, hotel, metro, trains station, personal VIP security inspection factory price.

Physical Details                                                                                                                              
Tunnel size 500(W) x 300(H) mm.  
Product dimensions 2170mm(L)x720mm(W)x1193mm(H).
Wooden package dimensions 1750mm(L)x850mm(W)x1400mm(H).
Shipping weight Gross weight: 310 kg.
Working temperature (-20)℃~(+60)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing.
Storage temperature (-30)℃~(+70)℃/Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing.
Power supply 110~240VAC (-10%~ +20%),50/60±3Hz.
Power consumption < 0.5 kw/h.
Certificates Meets CE(EMC Directive~2014/30/EU and LVD Directive~2014/35/EU),ROHS(Directive~2011/65/EU).
X RAY Generator                                                                                                                              
Tube voltage rating 80 kV(default), can be tailor-made based on requirement.
Tube current 0.2~0.6 mA.
Cooling/working period 100% with sealed oil bath cooling.
Beam direction Diagonal from bottom (60°beam divergence).
X-ray leakage dose Less than 0.35 μGy / h (5cm distance from any position of the machine).
Single scanning X-ray leakage dose Less than 1 μGy / h.
High X-ray leakage protection Two levels lead curtains to reduce the leakage, and protect operators & passengers.
Inspection Performance                                                                                                                 
Steel penetration 10 mm typical.
Conveyor speed Approx. 0.22m/s.
Conveyor height 740mm(including the support tray).
Wire resolution 38 AWG wire,40 AWG(0.0787 mm) typical.
Space resolution Horizontal Φ 1.0mm;vertical Φ 1.0 mm.
Film safety Guaranteed for high-speed film up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN).
The array detector L-type photo-diode single energy detector.
Video 19 inch color LCD monitor, pixel 1280 x 1024 video card.
Image Performance System                                                                                                           
Auto soft operating system Win 7 English version.
Standard functions High & Low penetration/Super penetration/Organic & in-organic image/local & edge enhancement/zoom in & zoom out/Image resolution/Image storage/Image management/Black & white image/Gray image/Belt forward & reversal/Marks
Image storage 100,000 images can be stored and process continuously.
Pull back/forward 30 images to process.
64x smart zoom Adjustable zoom preview window.
Other Functions                                                                                                                               
Alarm function Any Liquid and high density substances scanning, this machine will give audio & indicator alarm with a red frame.
Networking function Can be connected to a dedicated virtual LAN configured tested by the assignedcommunications subcontractor.
Images output Images can be put out with USB interfaces.
TIP function     The software can help the operator to identify the dangerous objects
Bi-direction scanning More convenient for the operators' operation.
Intelligent roller It detects baggage and start working automatically. If no baggage in 5 seconds, it will stop running.
Customized software language(OSD) Basic is Enlgish, partners could help us for the language translation, we will help modify software language inside.

We can provide both standard tunnel size and non-standard  tunnel size for our partners, for example, 5030, 5050, 6040, 6550, 7575, 8065, 10080, 100100, 150150, 180150, 180180, 200200, 240240 tunnel size, even for more large size, we can provide tailor-made products and services, including OEM & ODM, hardware and software. Welcome to contact us for detailed requirements, thanks.

Detailed images

TIP function:

The software can help the operator to identify the dangerous objects.

Leakage does test result:  

Our test result Less than 0.5 μGy / h (5cm distance from any position of the machine).

Single scanning x-ray leakage dose: Less than 1 μGy / h.
High X-ray leakage protection: Two levels lead curtains to reduce the leakage and protect operators and passengers.

National standard is not more than 5 μGy / h.

Steel peneration test:

Standard test module, 150KV x ray generator can penetrate 40mm steel plate.

Standrard shipping accessories:

Industrial keyboard,

regular keyboard kit,

tool box,

bag box,

all will come with the x ray scanner.

Bi-direction scanning, more convenient for operators

We use famous brand infrared sensor to make the scanner roller more intelligent. It detects baggage and start working automatically. If no baggage in 5 seconds, it will stop running.

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Our Certificates for the X ray baggage scanner:

CE (EMC, LVD), ROHS available

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1. Experienced: Exporting to 80 countries around the world, including 150 clients which from UK, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Korea, Japan, Georgia, etc


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Q1: Are you manufacturer ?


PY security produce metal detector, x ray scanner, security bollards since 2002 and our factory located at Shenzhen, China.


Q2.: How do you control your quality ?


We passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system, inspecting each work flow and test semi-finished and finished products to ensure quality.


Q3: How is your package ?  Is it safe for transportation ?


For light-duty products like gold detector we use good sealed and strong carton box to protect it. For heavy-duty products like X ray machine, we will use wooden box to pack.


Q4: What’s your product range ?


We mainly produce metal detector, x ray scanner, security bollards, road blocker, under vehicle search mirror.


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Our MOQ is one piece for each product, we do this to support our customer to test our quality.


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We sold to over 40 countries around the world, including USA, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Romania, Spain, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Peru,etc.


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We have 2 years warranty for all products. Spare parts will be provided for free during guaranteed period, technical support is available all the time.