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Talent concept

      Our talented Employees are our primary asset. We feel that providing a stable work environment where respect, consideration and compassion for each employee are the reason for the success of our company. This caring attitude within our company is extended to all our customers as well.

       All employees are given equal opportunity for personal growth and career development! Innovation and creativity is encouraged to improve our effectiveness in providing the best experience for our customers.



1.To open overseas markets passionately and keep exploring new clients.

2. Analyzing domestic and global market.

3.To deeply understanding the technical theory, usage, maintenance and product feature and  advantages of company products, and giving optimized proposals based on the market and client's requirement.

4.To welcome, track and serve customers. We get to know client's needs and feedback in time, and help clients to make market development plan.

5.Timely and accurately give feedback of client's needs and suggestions on our products to the design, R&D and production department.

6.To collect and record the details of clients' information comprehensively, and offer business support to important clients.

7.In charge of or participate in the overseas service, exhibitions and communication sector.

8.To translate and audit the product technical documents and other relevant official documents.

We offer:

1. Nice work circumstance, pleasant working atmosphere and human way of management.

2. Eight-hour shift, five days per week, enjoy all the national holidays.

3. Foods, accommodations and social insurance are provided; chances to get higher salary every year.

4. Five-days annual leaves if you fully worked for one year. The person who is outstanding in his job enjoys extra ten-day Annual leave.

5. Higher bonuses inside the industry (based on the performance, except for basic salary, annual? bonus?reaching¥180,000?to?¥750,000, the better is the performance, the higher is the salary),the person who perform distinctively will enjoy family       overseas travel and many other benefits.

6. Various sales platforms, lots of chances to visit other numerous countries, perfect promotion mechanism, broader career prospects.