About us

     Founded in 2002, Pinyi is the restructuring enterprises of Shenzhen Creative Industry Co.,Ltd originally. With the era development and progress, converted to enterprise security which produce security products primarily.

We are a high-tech private enterprise, specialized in the research ,manufacture and sales of detection technology. From the beginning of venture, it is committed to the manufacturing and marketing of the world's advanced security products.

Many years, it is one of largest production base of Walk Through Detector in China, becoming the leader in this industry all the time .From 2015,Shenzhen Pinyi Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is founded, specialized in the development and exploring for international markets. It mainly produce security products series such as X Ray Baggage Scanner Walk Through Metal Detectors; Hand-held Metal Detector; Hydraulic Automatic Bollard, Hydraulic Road Blocker, Tyre Killer ; Under Vehicle Inspection System; Industrial Food Metal Detector and so on.

Our products with sophisticated product design, superb technology, elegant appearance, excellent performance, high detection sensitivity, anti-interference ability, stable performance character, are used widely in sports events, courts, prisons, airport, railway stations, banks, etc. In order to provide customers with perfect services individually.

We pursue zero defect in quality, improve the product and promote the standardization of the management of the system constantly ,In customer satisfaction for the largest purpose, committed to world security. In order to provide customers with better products and services, contributing to the world security detecting careers, as always,we will produce better products with innovation constantly.


      Pinyi focuses a deep understanding and pursuit of the security on innovation sources,hope to excavate people’s needs ans desires which is used in product design,business operating and customer cooperation,integrating the industrial art into science and technology which bring into life,bring beauty experience beyond expectations and imagination for people.


      With innovation of  technologies and services,bringing secure experiencebeyond the imagination for people.


      Pinyi hope to bring people all the good things, so that people is always full of gratitude and expectation for this world, optimism, positive to live.
      Beautiful things can look forward to sunshine even in the dark,see the hope in trouble, feel the warmth in the cold.When people is in the trough,good things will let people not give up hope and efforts;when everything is going smoothly,it will let people chase with full of passion.
      Pinyi will communicate the innovation,positive and optimistic brand value spare no effort.let people keep young mentality,creating a better life with full of passion.

Our value

       Market-oriented: Pinyi always adhere to market-oriented, product development will meet people's demand.
       Easy to work, focusing on commitment, continuous improvement: Pinyi insists customers first, and as providing service beyond the expectations of customersa principle .
Independent thinking,frank ,trust:Pinyi hope to provide staff with a platform which can develop their full potential.
      Pinyi initiate trust and encourage every staff to think independently,express opinion frankly,focus on teamwork,let  company operate simply and efficiency.
       Improve together,win-win cooperation:Pinyi will improve product quality and reduce the cost of production with suppliers together to win-win cooperation.

Commonwealth & Eco-Friendly

       Pinyi focus on commonwealth:Commonwealth is a way of beauty.Pinyi will focus on  commonwealth  continuously and take part of operating profit out to support commonwealth work with staff.

       Pinyi respects environment:we produce products in environmentally friendly materials, meanwhile reducing the abuse of  energy source and material in the production of every aspect.